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One of Portland's largest installers of
workstations, cubicles and commercial
modular furniture.

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White glove delivery of Designer Furniture

Local Distribution

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Seattle, Washington to Los Angeles, California…

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Business Logistics

Offering Business Logistics
and Relocations to the Pacific Northwest

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Residential Moving

All moves. Big and Small!

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Safe and Secure Warehousing, Storage and Receiving
of Residential and Commercial Goods

Warehouse & Receiving

Portland Oregon’s local warehouse, distribution, installation, logistics & residential/commercial moving service provider.

WDI Co. of Oregon, Inc. provides cubical and executive office installations, time sensitive local distribution, mission critical interstate distributions, business logistics, residential moving and warehouse receiving and storage. Whether you’re moving or shipping across town or across the country WDI is your moving specialist.We are committed to helping you through the entire process beginning with a reliable quote and ending with re-installation and reconfiguration of your new home or office. We support timely and efficient local and interstate deliveries as well focusing on customer centric needs such as punctuality, safety, quality and peace of mind. When it comes to logistics we are your Portland based reliable and experienced service provider helping you through the entire process. Also choose WDI for your local warehousing and storage needs. We will pack, pick up, deliver and store your goods for an affordable rate in our safe storage facility.

WDI is proudly Oregon & the West coast’s leading provider of local warehousing, distribution, installation, logistics & residential/commercial moving services since 1977